Keegan’s grandmother Rhonda was surprised by her co-workers.

I had the sweetest surprise today. I was coming back from lunch walking in the doorway you see in the background.

I saw my manager Ashley walking away out of one of the offices.I saw she was wearing a TEAM KEEGAN-FINDING HOPE IN THE DARKNESS t-shirt. I said hey your wearing s Finding hope in the darkness t-shirt when did you get that. She turns around a big grin on her face and says yes I am, and then my other co-workers pop out of their cubicles with their Finding Hope In The Darkness t-shirts on too!!!

Who knows how long they’ve been planning the surprise. Weeks probably. They ordered the shirts secretly, had emails going back and forth planning for the reveal.

I was and am completely blown away. The sweetness, support, kindness and love. I cried y’all. They were all so proud and happy that they had surprised me and made me so happy.

No everyone involved was present today, sadly but I know know they are right here with me and #teamkeegan

Feeling the love y’all. God has perfect timing!!!! ”