Cold Feet

Poor Keek’s and his cold feet!!!

Keegan has Reynaud’s, which means he has trouble warming up and his extremities get ice cold due to poor circulation. This is always exacerbated during the cold months. We try really hard to keep Keegan warm with a heated blanket and on his pads downstairs and a space heater nearby when needed. He has a space heater in his bedroom to keep his room toasty at night. I use heated rice pads to warm him up quickly, handy in the mornings. We also use foot warmers that stay warm for hours! I put toe warmers on before I put his shoes and AFOs on… if I didn’t his little purple feet would remain cold all day and doesn’t that sound miserable?!!
I preferred the foot warmer style because it covered his entire foot versus toe warmer that only cover half… but it’s better than nothing!
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Snow Fun – March 18, 2018

While Keegan’s been playing in the snow … I’ve been running in the sun. But don’t be fooled — it’s not that hot here in PA. 6 more weeks until our next half marathon. We will be running the Inaugural Jim Thorpe 1/2 Marathon. How are you spending your day?? #TeamKeegan #IRun4Keegan